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Programs & Initiatives

Elected Officials Reception

During legislative session, the Chamber hosts an elected officials program in an effort for residents of the county Greater  metropolitan area to network and connect with their government officials. Elected city, county and state officials are encouraged to attend to learn more about the economic value of  global diaspora community business development in the counties. 

Procurement Series

These workshops feature talks on a wide variety of topics that are helpful for anyone involved with a business, from owners and managers to entry-level employees. We invite you to bring your lunch and participate in this wonderful member benefit.

International Festival

A curated art photography exhibition , fashion show, stage play , showcasing unique food history will be displayed during throughout the day This creates a digital campaign to help market, promote and capture the  international experience in  greater metropolitan. Leading to increased tourism, professional retention and celebration of a broad range of International community. 

State of Global Diaspora Business

This program features business experts and leaders as they discuss the state of global diaspora  businesses  such as Caribbean, Latin America, and all Ethnic business within  greater metropolitan, including statistics and facts. 

Royal Gala

The annual event is part of  ACCC promoting ongoing advocacy  for Mental Health , and award the Best business of the year; as well as exposing the USA to international fashion while at the same time promoting  Caribbean fashion to the rest of the world. An evening  all whose who in the political, and business sectors are in the royal palace. Everyone is dress as royalty. An evening of royalty. 

State of  International/Black Education in Greater Metropolitan

An in-depth analysis of International/African American students education in  greater metropolitan is explored and reported.  A commitment to improving the landscape and providing a rich talent pool is the focus.

Economic Development Missions

Each year the Chamber of Commerce will conduct two economic development missions with the goal of increasing international business opportunities for minority businesses and marketing the Greater Metropolitan community abroad. Economic development missions may be closed or open to non-members of the Chamber.   Notification will be provided in advance.

Evening Networking/Breakfasts/ Luncheon

This event provides an opportunity for our members/sponsors to network with each other. On occasion, other groups are invited to attend to expand these opportunities.

Leadership Forum

ACCC hosts quarterly educational seminars on various topics that cover networking, CEO roundtables, Executive Leadership Panels, CEO success stories and open conversations with area elected officials on their path to office.


This is designed to connect our young professionals with business leaders in our community and develop a relationship that will foster our chamber for the future.

Annual Golf Tournament

The annual event is part of ACCC promoting ongoing advocacy for Alzheimer’s  in our elderly parents . Part of the proceed will be use for further  research. 

Student Exchange Program

Twice a year will  have a cultural exchange program that will help the student to have a learning experience of the Caribbean of art, culture, language, music, folklore,food, and historical background of the various islands visiting during the fall and spring. 

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